Thursday, April 10, 2008

People I am thankful for

I did not blog yesterday because I was just BLAH, I hate it when I feel like BLAH! I think I need my dose of daily crazy medicine increased! Work has been soooo cruddy these days, I have so much too do & it just keeps coming! Anyway lets not talk about WORK that was why I was like BLAH yesterday! I wanted to share with you some of the people I love dearly & why they are so absolutely fabulous(yes I do love that word) & why I love them dearly! SOOOOOOO here we go:

1st: My Beautiful Parents, who brought my dear little self into the world & have loved me unconditionally despite my faults. I love my Momma & Daddy too much, they have raised me right (although I sometimes did not do as they said, & yes they were always right) I know exactly what they meant when they said " You will never understand how much we love you until you have kids of your own". I am a lucky girl too have such great parents who have been married for almost 27 years! Yeeeahhhh!

Next: My Family (Harrison, Shelby, & Reagan)

I cannot even descibe how thankful I am for my little family, My husband is my best friend & my girls are my life. Each have taught me so much about LIFE, Love, & SHARING! I love them all soooo stinkin much!

AND Finally My Mom in lAW Gigi:

As you all know GIGi is great! She loves me & my little jerky sister in law Jordan like her own children! We are so thankful to have her in our lives, & too have been blessed with such a wonderful woman as our mom in law! We love u GIGi, at least I do anyway, you will have to check with JErkface Jordan about that(just kidding LOL)! SHe loves you too! Pop POp we love you equally as much ( the sweetest man I think I have ever known), I just did not have your picture on my work computer!

Yes I am bloggin from work, I am a bad GIRL!!!!!

So I am thankful for way too many people to blog about so until next time!


gigi said...

Very, very sweet post from a very sweet girl. Love ya.

Amanda said...

VERY sweet girl. I think it is great to take the time to let loved ones know how much you care. Maybe I'll steal your idea...

Anonymous said...

I agree with all you've said, you have truly been blessed.

I love your family, Emily and Donnie are very special people who have been blessed with three beautiful daughters and now two beautiful granddughters.

I love that photo of Shelby it's one of her best and she never take a bad photo. Gotta see about getting one in to a frame.

When you get the blahs just take a minute to count your many, many blessings and you won't be blahhh very long. Being overwhelmed with all the obstacles in your life is far different from the blahs. Don't let it all get you down and always remember how your parents raised you and show their love.

Hugs Love and Prayers,
g'mother C