Saturday, April 5, 2008

It's Saturday

Felix The Cat relaxing After the terrorist attacks on his Kittyhood

Shelby & Ray RAy after the terrorist attack on Felix The CAT Ready for Gigis House Thursday Morning

This girl spells TROUBLE

Saturday morning begins at 6:30 with about 30 minutes of sweet nothings & cuddling. THen comes..............Im hungry, im thursty, I wanna go outside, I want, I want, I want.......SO we have gotten up had pancakes & eggs, played, got dressed, fixed our hair, played somemore, chalked outside, terrorized our poor cat Felix, & the list could go on & on!!!!! SO its 10am & I feel like I already need a nap....all the while daddy went fishing at 4:30am (WHAT the crap is wrong with men????) 4:30 (I would not even get out of bed that early for the best sale in town!)...Anyway happy SAturday to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gigi said...

AWW aren't they cute!
Felix's has no worries compared to "Mo"

Barney's Friend Chris said...

Yeah ... What the crap ... Saturdays are for sleeping in!

Aramie Randall said...

I don't know....I might get up at 4:30 for the best sale in town, but that would be the only reason. The sea gull story told by Gigi on her blog had me laughing so hard I was almost crying. Especially the picture at the end! Kids are so funny. Happy Saturday to you too!

Jordan Kay said...

You didn't sound all that happy when I just talked to you! Yeah, poor Felix- doesn't stand a chance now that both of the girls are walking... good luck with that one buddy! let me know when you decide to do something with your 'Saturday' life! Love u

christon said...

Jordan, it could be that your a slack heffer or that i may be a bit jealous that I am not playing all day instead of WORKING! Think about that for a minute! PS your a slacker , but I love you anyways!

Amanda said...

Madi has that same dress and I think we have to plan to have them wear it the same day to school and I will take a picture. Your girls are too cute. I can't believe how light Reagan's hair is getting.

Poor cat.