Saturday, August 23, 2008

Public Speaking 1110

Let me just tell you that I am not at all excited about the class I am taking at College right now.........PUBLIC SPEAKING 1110. Everyone knows I am a pretty outgoing girl but I DO NOT LIKE TO SPEAK out in front of anyone I do not know or groups of 5 or more.... I get like terrified!!! I remember my senior year of highschool senior project... I had to give a 5 minute speach and P.S. "IT WAS HORRIBLE!!" My knees were shaking , my hands, I felt like the words were stuck in my throat!.... Absolutely horrible!!! Lord knows I probably need the class due to my high anxiety levels when it comes to public speaking...I GUESS I WILL GET SOME PRACTICE since I have to give 4 Public Speaches throughout the semester...and several impormtu's ( Surprise Speaches!!). Soooo.. I am totally freaked out... THANKS! And YES the Class is required for my major...otherwise I would darn sure not take it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Little Dancer

Were so excited Shelby started Dance today with her best friend Maddy Kirkland at Jessica Dominey School of Dance! I wasn't there thanks to corporate america but shelbys daddy took her & I heard from Amanda ( Maddys Mom) it was super fun & the girls did great! Were so excited about this just let me tell you! The Pictures are actually from yesterday when were trying on our dance clothes, as you can see shelby was so excited

about it! She was bustin out with some moves on the coffee table, & WHAT kind of face that is, I have no clue??

Monday, August 18, 2008

Myrtle Beach was a BLAST!

We had a great time~ Although when you take your kids on vacation when you get back, you feel like you need another vacation to recover! I am slap worn out! But we had a great time. I posted a LOT of pictures from our trip! The girls really enjoyed the beach & pool, we went to the aquarium & the entire time Reagan was Eww,, AHHHH, OOOWWWEE.. just so excited about what she seen. Notice when you watch the video the girl Reagan goes to visit is named Reagan too!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Harrison Has lost his MIND...........

I bet those pictures freaked you out & you thought I was PREGO, LOL! Im not for the record.

So I got a call at work from Harrison..........He says " Shelby & I have been talking & we have come to the conclusion that we need a baby boy" ( YES Like ANOTHER BABY) I am thinking okay so I WILL drop by Wally World & pick up a boy baby doll, but no THEY WERE ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT A NEW BABY, LIKE REAL, LIVE BABY! I was really not expecting that from Shelby due to the fact that she terrorizes her baby sister! I also was not expecting that from Harrison, because I just was not. I was thinking more along the lines of lets get fixed & adopt a kid thats already past the Terrible Horrible Tantrum THrees! I think I am just so confused! Baby or no Baby, that is the question???????? I dont think honestly my nerves can handle another!!! I only have enough mental capacity for 2!!! So tell me your thoughts & remember my mental capacity when you do! I am thinking NO! But I am also thinking I should get it all over with at once & not wait ( if I am going to do it), because once I am done with diapers I do not want to start over!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pool Party at Gan-Mas

So we had a fun good time at My moms house with the girls. Shelbys learning to swim & its so fun to watch her do her little thing! I feel bad because I guess I didnt get enough sun block on little Ray & she is quite toasted! AFter they swam they had ice cream & they were so serious about it! It was like "Im eating my icecream! Back away!" They both drank the melted cream when they were done. I had to practically drag them away from GanMas They had so much fun they wanted to stay!All Reagan wanted to do was walk around the pool in circles & throw anything & everything in here way into the pool. But whatever works ya know.