Sunday, July 27, 2008


POP POP is coming home 2 morro! YEAH! His foot is continuing to heal & we expect a POP POP as good as new in no time! WE LOVE POP POP HARRY! Thanks to GIGI for being such a loving wife & caring for HArry!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We got a BOB! & WE LOVE IT!

I have always wanted to BOB, Shelbys hair but was too scard! So, we had too cut Shlebys hair due to the little hair cutting incident, and It is soooo cute WE LOVE IT!

Pictured is Shelby & Barbie Fairytopia ( who is in the buff)! The Barbie started it all, NOTICE the hair cut on the barbie courtesy of Hairstylist SHelby Griffis!
Mabye SHelby should go stay with cousin LEah & go to HAir school!

Monday, July 21, 2008

" Im a Distraught MoMMY!:"

I am so upset!! If you are wondering what that is in my trash can????? It is my Shelbys Beautiful Hair! She decided she would play beauty shop on herself with the kitchen scissors! I should have seen it coming when she cut her barbies hair off like Kens the other day with her saftey scissors! So I took her scissors away & thought I hid the rest, but not so much! Reagan was in her room crying because she fell so I went to check on her & upon my return Shelby had climbed onto the kitchen cabinet & got the scissors out of the knife block & went to town! We are definitely going to the beauty shop now!!! I am so DISTRAUGHT!!!!! I guess we are going to have a layered look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Myrtle Beach, SC

I am so excited!! Harrison & I are taking the girls to Myrtle Beach for a few days to spend a little time with them! We always feel so guilty because we both work, that we are missing out on their lives! So we are going to hang out with our girls at the beach & take them to the aqarium, amusements parks, & just party down! I am so excited about it! Its gonna be a blast!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A little Story about my FAMILY

My Parents( WHo started it ALL)

Little Fact for those of you who didnt know " I am from Charleston, SC" My daddy was born & raised in RockHill, SC & we lived there until I was 6 & then his job with the Government Brought us to the beautiful GOLDEN Isles as he was transfered to Kingsland, GA to the Kings Bay Naval Base. My Mother is from Brunswick, GA she was born in Jesup, GA & raised in Brunswick (Everett, GA for those of who who want to pick). My parents met on a blind date while my dad was here for some reason? I dont know all of the particulars, anyway they fell in love, got married & my daddy moved my mom & Emmy(my older sister from my moms 1st marriage) to Charleston, SC. Where ofcourse I was born (how FABULOUS) then CHelsey my baby sister(Chelsey was an accident, but saved my mothers life because mom had uteran cancer & didnt know it, upon delivering chelsey they discovered it when my moms uterus ruptured) SO chelsey despit her bratty tendencies is our family miracle! We go back to visit our family in SC often but couldnt be happier to live in the wonderful Brunswick, GA. We have all made great friends, had great times, & built lives of our own here. SO thats my little story for today.

I put up some pictures of us sisters with Shelby on the beach when I was 4 months Pregnant with Reagan & some of pictures of the blessing that this little story brought us!