Sunday, July 27, 2008


POP POP is coming home 2 morro! YEAH! His foot is continuing to heal & we expect a POP POP as good as new in no time! WE LOVE POP POP HARRY! Thanks to GIGI for being such a loving wife & caring for HArry!


gigi said...

He is definatly a blessed man! And God hears and answers prayers!

TheDaleys said...

Gracie ended up with a little bob a couple of months ago because I refused to live with her mullet any longer!

Anonymous said...

Unassuming Harry is a hero and a marvelous example to his family and fellows.

He can stand more pain than any human I have ever seen.

The magnificent Blessings of health, wisdom and love he has received in his brief sojourn in mortality definitely displays God's miracles and His infinite love for his children.

I do not feel we even realize how close to Heaven's door he has often been. Nor how close to losing his limb he was this round -- even having been scheduled for amputation.

I just pray we don't take his miraculous healings for granted.
Maybe there's a wake-up message for us...

I am so grateful for each and every answered prayer and blessing I have been privileged to witness.

Hugs, Love and Prayers, Always and forever,
g'mother c

Anonymous said...

PS - By the way what I meant to say was Love your new format! AAND - that I have had your blog continuously going for two days now, listening to your selections of music -- and love them A L L !

(Pretty good for a 71 year old Grannie - Huh!

Love, g'mother c