Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pool Party at Gan-Mas

So we had a fun good time at My moms house with the girls. Shelbys learning to swim & its so fun to watch her do her little thing! I feel bad because I guess I didnt get enough sun block on little Ray & she is quite toasted! AFter they swam they had ice cream & they were so serious about it! It was like "Im eating my icecream! Back away!" They both drank the melted cream when they were done. I had to practically drag them away from GanMas They had so much fun they wanted to stay!All Reagan wanted to do was walk around the pool in circles & throw anything & everything in here way into the pool. But whatever works ya know.


Tara said...

Pools and water are the best thing for little kids...they are so worn out by the end, it's so easy to get those kids to bed! Max love a good "I crean" too! You're kids are looking so cute!

gigi said...

Fun good times!
They are growing to fast.

Amanda said...

Looks like a great time. I have such a hard time with Jonathon and getting sunscreen everywhere on him. It seems like everytime we get into the sun there is always a spot that I missed.