Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Little Dancer

Were so excited Shelby started Dance today with her best friend Maddy Kirkland at Jessica Dominey School of Dance! I wasn't there thanks to corporate america but shelbys daddy took her & I heard from Amanda ( Maddys Mom) it was super fun & the girls did great! Were so excited about this just let me tell you! The Pictures are actually from yesterday when were trying on our dance clothes, as you can see shelby was so excited

about it! She was bustin out with some moves on the coffee table, & WHAT kind of face that is, I have no clue??


gigi said...

That's her serious, dance face! So cute and excited! I think that you and Amanda were just as excited as the girls! Yall are so funny.

Amanda said...

I know for sure that I have been just as excited as them. They were so cute. And that cute little Shelby is a natural. She was doing all the moves and everything. What a cutie.

echoeve said...

I love the face expressions. You know all great dancers have to learn to make expressions.

I am so glad to know that yall are coming to the party. It will be tons of fun fun fun.

Bethany loves everything. Some favorites are
Hannah Montana
High School Musical
Jonas Brothers
Tinker Bell
Hello Kitty
Make up
Just about anything from Claires
a card would be just fine.
We just love having people for the dance party.

Sass E-mum said...

So now the whole Maddi/Shelby/Gigi connection falls into place. I was slow to join the dots and then didn't want to ask!

Despite the self-hatchet job, seems like a bob is ideal dance hair.

What a fab little girl.

Elizabeth said...

Very cute I saw the pic of her and Amandas girl WAY CUTE!! She's so big I think Kollin would love paly'n with her.

Anonymous said...

Moms weren't the only ones exdcited! Grandmothers too I bet!.And I'm enjoying following it all..
H., L. & P.