Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let me introduce you to the UGGY FACE and OLD AGE!

So sorry for my long span without a blog, my life is boring what can I say! I work, work, work , and tend to my girls, and cook, clean & blah blah blah.... THats about the just of it all & believe me thats about all I can handle. No complaints though I am lucky to have a comptetive job & wonderful pair of girls to lOVE... Sooo Pictured above is what we like to call the UGGY FACES, this all started because Ray likes to wrinkle her nose & distort her face into what can only be be described as so ugly its cute & shelby has to do everything Ray does as Ray does likewise to shelby! Soooo we love to see them do this face because its like I said its so ugggyy its CUTE! Sooo I will be the BIG 25 on FRIDAY ( Does this officially mean I am getting old?) I do feel old my back is so crunchy & crackley ( it couldnt be from carrying around 2 kids around all the time, no way) My hair is yes GREY! Yeah I said GREY!!!! That is what really stresses me out, I think I stress about that so much It makes my hair grow in more grey! I dont know, I just know thank you lORD for Hair COLOR!


Anonymous said...

Well I just wrote you an epistle but it got shot to oblivian before I got it saved. Guess it was not ment to be for your eyes.

Hang in there and enjoy old age 25 and all those gray hairs - you've earned it all and that's not bad.

Have a ball and let me know where the bonfire will be.

Hugs n' love and prayers,
G'mother C

Amanda said...

Amen, to the hair color. The gray is why I went back to highlights. The blonde highlights seem to cover the gray better.
I can't believe you are only 25. You're a baby. I hope you go out and celebrate. I'm always available for a good ladies night...

gigi said...

Rea's uggy face wasn't her best, yall should see it, It's really ugly! But both girls are so funny when we get them to do it.

I'm cooking for Christon's birthday tonight. Her parents and all of us are having her birthday dinner here at my house. She and Harrison are going out of town for the weekend! The other grandparents and us are splitting up the care of precious and precious #2for the weekend.

echoeve said...

Well hey going out all weekend for your birthday...oh good for you or should I say good for Harrison.

Happy birthday.

We would love pictures of your weekend out or never mind we don't want to see pictures.