Saturday, September 27, 2008

Daddy DAy Care

This is what happens to The girls when Daddy is in control & mommys away!!!!! I went to the movies Friday evening with the girls from work & saw Fireproof (which is a wonderful Christian based movie about a troubled marriage) GO see it & take your was great! ANyway I came home to a completely torn up house & 2 girls with marker from head to toe!! Im like what in the WORLD????????& who got to clean that marker off of the kid???? You guessed it!! Mommy DID!!!!!!


gigi said...

Shame on their Daddy! He never did anything like that. Glad you had a good evening out with the lady's at work!

Prudy said...

Those girls are just soooo cute! I know what you mean; those men in our lives just can't seem to multitask and keep it clean when we are away.

scrappysue said...

they looked like they were all having fun tho!