Thursday, September 18, 2008

Public Speaking BLOWS!

I am so over PUBLIC SPEAKING class! SO far I have had too give an impromtu or speech in EVERY SINGLE CLASS! I AM SO OVER IT! Did I forget to mention that I hate Public Speaking!!!!!!! Dont expect to hear from me in church, I will so sick of speaking by the time the class is over it may be a while!!! PEACE, LOVE, & HAIR GREASE! My teacher said his goal by the end of the semester is to make us comfortable with speaking & be sick of it! He is definitly succeeding with the sick of it part but he has a long way to go with the comfortable part!


gigi said...

You'll be fine, I know you're thinking "Yeah, right, fine soon as I get thru this class!"

travis said...

All have to say is "what would jesus do" if the bishop asked him to speak

Anonymous said...

You are so not politically correct with that title! Did they teach you to say things like that in public speaking? I dont think so! hahaha i told you I would do it for you! :) Love ya JKG