Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy FALL from Shelby, Maddy, Reagan, & Mommy Christon

All of the girls had to take a picture in the boo towel, & this is what Christon looks like after 3 baths, 3 dinners, & a movie! Good Night & Happy October!!!!!!!
This little video of Shelby, Maddy K, & Reagan saying there blessing before dinner is the cutest!!!! (They learned this at their pre-school)


Aramie Randall said...

So cute! Man, I miss Georgia. You have to be a very patient mommy. That's what I look like after getting my one child ready for bed at night. We have watched Goonies every single night for 2 weeks and I am going crazy! I do love Goonies, but I think I'd settle for Barney at this point!

gigi said...

Soooo sweet!!!!!!! That's sweet little blessing that they sing at school. So precious.

Cute Boo towels too. Scary looking mommy though.

Prudy said...

What an adorable post. Those three little munchkins are not just adorable, they're good little girls too! What a sweet little song for teaching children to pray.

Anonymous said...

Sooo precious, way cute, boo towel gals.
Enjoy these wonderful days. Mom looks great!!!

Hugs to all,
grandmother c.

Amanda said...

Very cute. I think grilled cheese sounds great!! I'm so glad Madi has yall. Yall have been so good to her.

Elizabeth said...

That is to CUTE!!