Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pretty Comfortable Not so Comfortable shoes

While we were on vacation last weekend when we were shopping I found some super cute shoes.
The way cute gold shoes I was wearing in the picture below (the pic that I obviously did not want taken), I got them on sale & they were so comfy at the time I tried them on.....Well Comfy for a little bit, but not through a game of 18 holes of putt putt golf!

SO this picture is after putt putt I walked like a mile back to the hotel bare footed with what felt like tiny pins sticking in the botton of my feet.
Lessoned learned on that note, never again will I try to look cute for golf, we will do sneakers next time! By the way yes I was a little over dressed for putt putt but we also went out to dinner afterwards & yes I was wearing the 80s tights totally not my idea but I must admit I thought they were pretty sassy!


gigi said...

I have found in my life, that the "cutest shoes ever" are never the most comfortable! I hate that. It sure is disapointing. Sorry about your footies.

Amanda said...

At least you had a cute little pedi to go with those cute shoes. And I totally loved the 80's tights.