Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Day at the Beach

We had a blast on our trip to the beach this past weekend, participants in this event were me, Harrison, Shella, Ray Ray, Jor Jor, Trav & Jenn(Jor Jors Cousin) & Chopper ( Travs Dog). The girls had a blast, Ray loved the sand but not the water & Shella stayed knee deep jumping waves with her aunt Jor Jor almost the entire time! It was lots of fun & much more relaxing than I expected. THe breeze was perfect & the temperture JUST RIGHT! I am excited to spend many more beach days with my babies.


gigi said...

Now does seem the perfect time to go to the beach. Not to hot and not to cold. Just right! I'm going to try and take them on Friday afternoon.

Amanda said...

Sounds like a fun day at the beach. The weather is perfect for it. Love the picture of you and Reagan. Very cute.

Barney's Friend Chris said...

Great pictures! S & R look so grown up in these shots.

TheDaleys said...

I sure wish I had the beach around here....stupid mountains. Just kidding. I hope to be moving back down south one or these days.

Anonymous said...

The beach is the only place we went on vacations.

It was close and we camped most of the time. Some time a month at the beach and close enough to go home on Sundays to go to church - Papa was either in the bishopric or ward clerk or something like that so he HAD to go to church, since it was only 26 miles home. and then we were going over most every week in the afternoons summer, winter, spring or fall...

I think that is why they all went out west to college and stay. I'm glad Sandy & Sheri take their children all over the country on summer vacations cause Sandy felt deprived at never going anywhere except the Beach.

It is absolutely my very favorite place in the whole wide world.

Good photos!

Hugs, Love n Prayers,