Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shelbys Midnight Adventure!

So SHelby begged & begged & begged to stay with her Auntie Emmy last night! After repeated attempts to talk her out of it knowing that she does not do to well away from home, I gave up & let her go. She was determined that she was going anyway, She asked my sister did she have a pullup for her to sleep in & did she have a carseat to take her home in. She had pretty much decided she was going regardless of what I thought about it. SO I let her go about 8:30, I called at 9:30 to check on her, She was fine watching the AUnt Movie & about to go NIte Nite, So i was like I guess she will be OK & went to bed. I was awakened by the ringing of the phone around 12:30 & it was my sister calling to say " I am on the way to your house with SHelby, she flipped out & wants her mommy!" SO as usual I was right & shelby will not EVer talk me into a weeknight adventure away from home. By the way this morning she was in rare form after having went to bed around 1am this morning. KIDS, I tell ya! Note to FAMILY MEMBERS "If you take the kid home with you, You are not WAking me up to bring her home, next time she will have to learn her lesson about staying the night away & STAY!!!!!!"


gigi said...

Now, little mama, you know that you'd let the little darlin come home anytime she wants. You got a love taht she wants her mommy!

The Queen said...

I'm with you girl! If they take 'em, they keep 'em!

Anonymous said...

Another look at life in the fast lane. (o;)

Hugs n Love and Prayers and smiles,
g'mother c