Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Disney Weekend for Reagans 2nd Bday

I am a horrible blogger, I guess I feel as though the only thing I have to talk about is work, babies, chores, & I guess REALITY in general, so why bother! Well anyway..... We decided for Reagans 2nd B-day to do a trip to Disney World instead of a party (mainly because I was too tired to put the effort into planning a party)..... Little did I know Disney is much more of an EFFORT! But all in all the girls were pretty well behaved for a 8:30am - 6:30 pm disney adventure!

Oh by the way.........just because your kids like Mickey on TV does not mean they will love him as much when he is life size! Reagan was like "no way, get away, mickey is my size" she didnt like mickey in real life. other than that she loved it & shelby was just thrilled.


Anonymous said...

I love Disney. Have been there many times. Valerie was 4 the first time we went to Disney Land in California. Loved your pictures. Auntie Betsy

Rauscher Family said...

looks like ya'll had fun. Next time we have to go together and kids be alittle older. Love ya sister

gigi said...

So glad Rea's birthday weekend turned out so fun. Great pictures of my precious Grand Girls! Love yall.

sanjeet said...

Loved your pictures.
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