Monday, March 23, 2009

Copper and The Girls

Our Family Dog Copper Pot Griffis & My girls Shelby & Reagan. As you can See Copper is HUGE! He puts his paws on my shoulders & he is taller than me!! His is a big playful baby. Blood Hounds are wonderful pets & very tempermental of kids. The only problem is they get really big & want to jump & play & clobber the girls. Little Reagan trys to let him out of his fence every little chance she gets, She got in the fence with him a few months ago, she came out luckily with just a slobbered up face & a few paw prints on her dress. My girls love there Copper.


gigi said...

Those are some really cute pictures of Copper. He is hooge!
Cute grand girls too!

They are doing their Color Me Happy plates today. I can't wait!

Tara said...

What a beautiful dog! I think I've ohly seen one of those in Cartoons...what a great pet.

sanjeet said...

Cute grand girls too!
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