Monday, February 16, 2009


So much too do, soooooo little time to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had 4 people visiting the office last week (didnt get a whole heck of a lot done), I have a baby shower this weekend (which p.s. "Im the Host!!) Havent done a thing, Reagan's 2nd B-day is next weekend (dont have a plan). I guess i'd say im a little stressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gigi said...

What can I do to help? Do you want me to bake something for Saturday?

Amanda said...

Good thing is, she's two and she'll never know the difference. Those pinata's sure seemed to be a hit. Good luck!!

carla said...

Yeah, redneck pinatas are REAL fun to watch too. Girl just "chillax".
love ya,
Aunt Carla

The Griffis 4 said...

i decided to just go to disney world & not have a party! good times!

sanjeet said...

Those pinata's sure seemed to be a hit
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