Friday, January 9, 2009

My Babies are Growing UP!

Shelby Baylie Griffis

Age 1 1/2

Shelby & Captain on Shelbys 2nd B-day

Shelby just after her 2nd B-day

Shelbys 3rd B-day Party

Shelby's 3rd B-day Party Again

Miss Shelby at Christmas

My #1 Daughter is growing UP! It makes me sad that she is already talking about buying her first car, loosing her 1st tooth , and she is obssessed with turning 8 for some reason ( I think it is because her cousin's Anna & Amelia are around that age). SOOOOO... She is turning the big 4 January 21st, WE are going to party hardy! Katys Kastle is my most favorite B-day SPOT....LOVE IT! MY # 2 Daughter is going to turn the Big 2 on Feb 26th, MY babies are growing up!

Reagan Kendall Griffis

Age 10 months
Miss Reagan & Gigi on Rays 1st B-day

Miss Reagan NOW!


Elizabeth said...

I know isn't it sad..Kollin will be 4 in March and I can't believe it!!! Kohen is already two.. the time does really go fast. But they're cute little girls, and when their older I have some cute boys they can date :0)

gigi said...

Oh, My Gracious! Shelby asked me the other day if I was getting old and I told her, 'NO' she said well she was and she was going to be 8 her next birthday and she has already lost a tooth. She wants to lose a tooth so bad...

Amanda said...

Shelby comes up with some stuff. How funny that she already wants to lose a tooth.

They get big before we even know it. You know Jonathon will be 8 in March...

Can't wait for the PARTY!!!