Saturday, November 8, 2008

Harrisons Prize

Harrison just returned Friday about 2:30 am from his week long hunting trip in Indiana, on the very last day of his hunt before dark he shot this nice looking 8 point! Yeah!! Im so excitedfor him, I didnt want him to come home empty handed! I tell you, after a week alone with the kids, I am sure glad he is home!


gigi said...

I'm glad you blogged this. Nice one!

Elizabeth said...

Nice Job!!! hey Christon I found a book you may be interested it's called How to choose the sex of your baby by Dr. Shettles. Incase you decied on another one and you want to try and a boy. Have a good day.

carla said...

Way to go Harrison!! Remember us when you get too much meat for your freezer. love yall,
Aunt Carla

Aramie Randall said...

Hooray for Harrison! Would 8 point be referring to the points on the deer's antlers? I don't think any of the men in my family have ever shot anything other than a target at target practice, so I am not down with the hunting lingo. I noticed that Harrison is wearing a UFC hoodie. I love UFC! It's a very odd thing for me to enjoy, but my ex-husband watched it all the time and I became a fan.

Anonymous said...

Bow & Arrow kill!!!

So happy y'all will have meat in the freezer this winter. Now counting the cost of the trip - gas, lodging, etc. how much per pound did that deermeat cost$$$??? (o;
Hugs, g'mother